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Right At The Fork

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May 23, 2018

Eytan Zias turned his own passion for knives in the kitchen into a thriving business - first in Phoenix and now in Portland.

In this episode of Right at the Fork, Eytan tells Chris and Cort about his journey from Israel to New York and then Portland by way of Phoenix. 

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May 16, 2018

Stephanie Kralevich has been covering the Portland food scene for 8 years, both as a feature reporter for KPTV and now as host of More Good Day Oregon, perhaps the most prolific TV personality doing so on the Portland airwaves.

We talk about growing up in Gresham and then landing the job of her dreams as a weather...

May 9, 2018

Chef Aaron Adams comes back to Right at the Fork to talk about how his creativity has taken him to new ventures. We talk about where Farm Spirit is and where it might be going now that it's on the national food radar. Aaron's a no bullshit guy and we love having him on the podcast. 

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May 2, 2018

It's a classic episode of Right at the Fork, presented by San Pellegrino.

Steve Jones, Portland's premier cheesemonger, looks into the crystal ball to share his vision for Chizu, opening this spring.

Mentioned in this episode: 

Apr 30, 2018

Eater Portland's Brooke Jackson-Glidden is back again this week to talk about her current Portland favorite eating spots.

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