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Right At The Fork

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Jun 10, 2016

Hear about some of the newest, favorite vendors of Portland Farmers Market Director Trudy Toliver. We also talk about the new Portland Farmers Market cookbook by Ellen Jackson.

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Jun 8, 2016

Ataula Chef Jose Chesa went to culinary school in Barcelona at 15, and then worked his way through some great restaurants before leaving for Paris and the United States. Now he accompanies Portlanders on culinary adventures in Spain with our host Chris Angelus. Jose shares some of his favorite Barcelona...

Jun 1, 2016

Han Ly Hwang owns Kim Jong Grillin food carts and some nationwide notoriety after two appearances on The Food Network's Chopped. The first of which he made on the heels of his only food cart having been destroyed by fire. That wasn't the first time Han overcame adversity to pull himself out of the trenches.  Hear how he...

May 25, 2016

Trudy Tolliver runs one of the most renowned farmers markets in the country, Portland Farmers Market.  It encompasses seven different markets in Portland, and is an integral part of Portland's food scene.  Trudy joins Right at the Fork to talk about what the market means to Portland's community and shares some stories...

May 18, 2016

Nate Snell attacks life with passion.  He knows Portland, music (especially in PDX), instruments, musical and timekeeping, donuts and chai,  We talk to half of the Pip's Original Team about how to approach a business starting from the seed of caring, giving and love, and watching it blossom.


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