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Right At The Fork

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May 12, 2020

Chef Philippe Boulot of Multnomah Athletic Club joins us for a two part interview, bookshelving the COVID-19 pandemic.  This first part was conducted via phone on April 28, 2020, six weeks after part 1.  Here, we talk about how the pandemic has affected the MAC, and what Chef Boulot sees as some of the changes in the restaurant world coming out of the life-changing event. Check out the second part of this interview where Chris and Philippe delve deeper into his chef and personal past, coming soon as Episode #247.
Chef Boulot is one of the true pioneers and icons of the Portland Food world, having taken over the Heathman restaurant in 1994, leading to four straight James Beard Best Chef Northwest nominations, which he won in 2001.   Chef Boulot's pedigree is most impressive, having learned to cook as young boy in Normandy.  He studied under renowned Chef Paul Robichon before seasoning his skills at numerous significant Paris, London, New York and San Francisco hotel restaurants before coming to Portland.  Chef Boulot has also been named Officer of the prestigious Order of Agricultural Merit by the Ambassodor of France.
Right at the Fork's host Chris and Chef Boulot got to know one another during a Feast and Travel Oregon-sponsored culinary and wine adventure in southern Oregon in 2018. 
Please make sure to listen to the longer-form interview with Chef Philippe and his second in command at the MAC, Philip Oswalt, here.
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