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Right At The Fork

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Apr 8, 2021

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No matter how you slice it, our conversation with knife maker Etyan Zias is a must-listen for anyone who uses knives either at home or in a professional kitchen.  We previously interviewed Eytan three years ago (Episode 161) when he told us his backstory of Portland Knife House. 

Now we will hear how he is living and working his dream of crafting and selling uniquely American-made high quality kitchen knives with Steelport, only a week old company as of the recording of this interview.  (April 5, 2021).  Eytan worked nights during the pandemic to craft and hone his knives, while simultaneously overseeing his kids' schooling and running Portland Knife House.  Chris and Eytan talk about what makes a quality knife, who would notice the quality, and what it takes to maintain one.  Also, Eytan shares the story of his full sleeve tattoos, which is not what you would think!  Listen to find out lots more.