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Right At The Fork

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May 27, 2021

SOLD!!  Food Carts Portland! 

Brett Burmeister made his name in the Portland food scene by writing about food carts in a way no one else had.  For 10 years, he ran Food Carts Portland's website, which includes blogs and social media, becoming the face of the Portland food cart scene.  He consulted with cities and others around the world who wanted to develop a street food scene like Portland's, and curated events as well as running food cart tours.  He recently sold the business, hook, line and sinker, to focus on his bar, HOME.   We talk with Brett about those 10 years in the food cart world, how he got into it and why he sold it, and also about being a bar operator during the pandemic, and what he sees for the Portland food world coming out of it.

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