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Right At The Fork

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Feb 11, 2022

Special guests on this podcast include George and Lynette Hauptman, who have operated their Canyon Outfitters business out of Halfway, Oregon on the Snake River for 42 years.  George and Lynette are arguably the most knowledgeable guides in the deepest gorge in North America.  Their special hospitality includes serving excellent food trip after trip (over 1000 of them!) in some of the most spectacular surroundings to be found in Oregon.  Our host Chris serendipitously met George and Lynette in 2020 while staying at their bed and breakfast in Halfway, and asked the Hauptmans if they'd like to host trips with Portland chefs on the river.  For the second year now, Chris' Portland Food Adventures brings Chef Jonathan Gill of RingSide Steakhouse (podcast sponsor), and Lyf Gildersleeve (frequent podcast guest) of Flying Fish on the river for fun trips with interested adventurers.
We talk to George and Lynette about their long history together creating magical river trips: How they met, their eventual retirement, and some fun anecdotes and historical notes they've learned over their years guiding trips.

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