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Right At The Fork

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Feb 18, 2022

Once again, Lisa Schroeder joins us to discuss the challenges she's had to navigate at home and at her restaurant, Mother's Bistro. Lisa invested her life savings and so much energy into her new, larger location prior to the pandemic. Now that business requires a lot more of everything from staff, to money and yes, customers.  Lisa talks about all the challenges the last two years have presented, including financing to keep the business rolling (and how she procured grants to keep things going), staffing shortages and her take on today's industry work ethic and what it takes to work at Mother's.  We also talk about the vandalism her restaurant has sustained, what the city might do to turn things around, and operating an establishment that surely relied on tourism... without tourism.  Lisa also shares with us that she and her husband Rob have raised her grandchildren right through the pandemic WITH NO KITCHEN AT HOME!!!  You couldn't write this.
We also hear from Lisa what some of her favorite spots are in Portland, and where she and Rob eat these days.  

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