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Right At The Fork

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Jan 6, 2023

We start out 2023, Right at the Fork's 10th season streaming with in-depth interviews with the players in the Portland food scene, with a new series called "Where Are They Now?"  Sarah Hart, formerly of Alma Chocolate, joins us this time as a seasoned Psychotherapist.  She left the business when she sold Alma to Moonstruck Chocolate a few years back.  Sarah was immersed in our food scene with her alluring chocolate shops and retail business, as well as being a fixture at the Portland Farmers Market for years.  She found the business unsustainable after years of toiling away, and decided it was time for something else.  Sarah talks about her childhood in Missouri, years in Portland and what she thinks of the changed landscape now, both food-wise and socio-economically.  We also hear about some of Sarah's favorite haunts.
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