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Right At The Fork

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Sep 29, 2023

Fall means doughnuts, at least for Cort.

Here's a look back to May 2023 and our conversation with Chris Schultz, CEO at Voodoo Doughnut.


Chris Schultz, CEO of Portland's iconic brand Voodoo Doughnut, joined the company in 2017 to bring his 30+ years experience in the restaurant industry to the company. Prior to taking over the leadership of Voodoo, he helped Mod Pizza expand nationwide and before that, worked at Starbucks during its rapid expansion.  Since coming aboard, he's helped Voodoo expand into new markets and weather a pandemic.  We talk about bringing Voodoo and its Portland ethos to new markets, what the criteria is, and how it's been accepted.  Chris drops hints at new locations and also announces a new paintjob for their flagship store, taking place as we spoke.

We get to know a bit about Chris, too.  Where he eats in Portland, what he thinks of Blue Star, as well as his love of the Pacific Northwest after transplanting here from Southern California 20 years ago.

We interviewed co-founder Tres Shannon just before he brought Chris on to run the company in 2016.  One of our favorite episodes:

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