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Right At The Fork

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Apr 16, 2020

Nate Snell comes on our podcast to talk about how the pandemic offered Pip's Original Doughnuts the opportunity to sprout a new business he and his wife Jamie had been thinking about for years, which is to bottle their coveted Chai as a concentrate and offer it for sale to their customers and eventually wholesale to grocery stores.  Their new Community Chai has as its foundation a charitable component, which is something the Snells have weaved into everything they do.  We also talk about how COVID-19 changed their world immediately, and how they scrambled to figure out the best path for their popular cafe. Nate discusses the things that they have done as a businesses to generate the loyal community of Pip's lovers who will help them through this period.
Please listen to Nate on the podcast during more normal times in episode #80 here.
This episode was recorded April 10, 2020.

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