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Right At The Fork

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Sep 16, 2021

We catch up with Kurt Huffman of ChefStable to discuss lots to do with the state of the restaurant business in 2021.  Having a stake in dozens of projects and restaurants gives Kurt and great perspective on some of the challenges facing both restaurants and their employees, and diners these days. We talk about his new projects in Lake Oswego and Beaverton and perhaps as far as the Oregon Coast.  We touch on the evolution of buying the Tasty brand from John and Renee Gorham. Kurt also shares how boxing has helped him deal with the stresses of owning a host of restaurants.
Also, we hear why if all goes as planned, Kurt will be living in France in 2023.
Lastly, we talk about the loss of much of the foundation of Portland's hallmark restaurants and chefs with the exit of Andy Ricker, John and Renee Gorham, and Jose Chesa from the city.
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