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Right At The Fork

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Jan 14, 2022

We're more than honored to have Vitaly and Kimberly Paley join us for the first interview of Right at the Fork's ninth year.  The Paleys opened Paley's Place in 1995 and after so much recognition in and outside of the restaurant industry, they went on to own and operate Imperial, Portland Penny Diner, Crown Pizza, Headwaters and Rosa Rosa.  With Beard nominations and wins, an Iron Chef victory, this duo didn't need to prove anything to anyone, except to do what was best by their employees and patrons--and now themselves.  As the pandemic reared its ugly head on those hotel-based restaurants, they were left to tune and hone Paley's Place during a very tough time.  This caused them to evaluate their lives, and we'll hear in this interview exactly how the decision to close the restaurant at the peak of their game came about.  We talk about the health of the restaurant industry, what the Paleys are doing and plan on doing with the time they never had, whether they have plans to move from Portland, and best of all, their recipes for long-lasting love.

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