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Right At The Fork

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Jan 21, 2022

Dame's Chef Patrick McKee joins us on the podcast to discuss his storied career, including many thoughts about the closing of Paley's Place.  Patrick worked for over 10 years with Vitaly and Kimberly Paley, and learned so much from them about what forms his base of knowledge and values to this day.
Patrick opens up about how he's maintained his sobriety through the challenges of Covid, but most importantly, the loss of his dear son Henry just after he started his pop-up Estes, before he folded that into the current iteration of Dame.   Patrick also shares with us how much going to Italy this past year meant to him, with plans to continue seeking out and honing his culinary roots.
Tasia Bernie helps us introduce this episode.  She's been a guest on our show and also happens to be Patrick's personal trainer.  She's a well-seasoned Portland diner, curating chefsfeed, and considers Dame her favorite spot.

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