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Right At The Fork

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Dec 2, 2022

Jacob & Sons' Noah Jacob joins us to take us through his journey that started as a filmmaker and director of documentaries in NYC, where he fell in love with the Jewish deli culture.  After interning and experiencing some of the greats in New York, Jacob and his family moved west to California, where they started a catering business with large corporations as clients. The business was thriving, until the pandemic hit.  Overnight, orders and events were canceled, and there was no business.  

His next move was back to where he grew up, Portland.  The plan was to open a brick and mortar restaurant, starting with pop-ups featuring all the great food he was making, using fine Northwest products and traditional Jewish deli practices and recipes.  Eventually, he opened wholesale and retail operation, supplying stores like Zupan's with his superior smoked fish and other products,  including his traditional rye bread.  Listen to Noah's story and a fun discussion on traditional Jewish smoked salmon versus the Northwest variety. 

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