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Right At The Fork

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Dec 16, 2022

We talk to Erik Hernandez, and his journey from Los Angeles and the Far East working on brands like K-Swiss and Adidas to Portland, where he connected with his wife, his former intern, at her Studio Noyes to develop a Portland-based footwear brand, Mise Footwear, geared toward chefs and those who work in kitchens.
We hear Erik talk about how he started out contacting Portland chefs to get their feedback and trust as they began building the brand.  After going into production during the pandemic, Erik and his team had to navigate supply chain issues to get the initial orders on the feet of his first customers.  Among other topics covered are some of the issues around celebrity sports stars endorsements and their input into their branded shoes.
MISE launched preorders in December 2021 and is now shipping in the US via their website  

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