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Right At The Fork

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Sep 8, 2023

Native Portlander Ricky Bella's culinary career started when he offered to fill in washing dishes for another high school dropout friend who sucked at the job. From there, he landed at a pop-up, wondering what the hell world that was; multi course meals with cooking methods and ingredients he had no idea existed. Eventually he landed in the kitchen at Paley's Place to learn from the best.

Ricky reveals who's the best cook he's ever seen and why in our discussion. Now he's running the show as Executive Chef at Palomar, making the most interesting food he's had the opportunity to call his own. He's also begun writing about his career and craft at W

e found him to be one of the most interesting guests we've talk to in a long time. (Except for the fact that he's an Atlanta Braves fan.)


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