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Right At The Fork

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May 24, 2024

Elias Cairo is the co-owner and head salumist at Olympia Provisions in Portland. Cairo grew up in a Greek-American family, where he learned to appreciate the value of handmade food. He later traveled to Europe to apprentice with master chefs and butchers, where he honed his skills in charcuterie. In 2009, Cairo returned to Portland and founded Olympia Provisions with his sister and partners, which has since become renowned for its high-quality artisanal meats.

Lately, Eli has been propagating a message on social media comparing OP to larger meat companies, and on this podcast we talk to him about the differences in practices, including the questions consumers can ask retailers and meat companies to find out exactly what's on their plates.

Cairo is also involved in other business ventures including the restaurants Bar Casa Vale, Olympia Provisions and most recently, Alpenrausch. We also talk about life balance, and how he best keeps so many balls in the air, and what makes him happiest in and out of work.

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