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Right At The Fork

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Apr 22, 2021

As we hear about the closing of more Portland restaurants, we felt it important to return to a conversation with Chef Cory Schreiber from December 2020, discussing the future of Portland's restaurant industry post-pandemic.

Cory shares his perspective from years of experience beginning with the chef/owner of one of Portland's legendary restaurants, Wildwood, to his present day position at Sysco, consulting with restaurants to help them maximize efficiency and promote excellence. We talk real estate as it pertains to restaurants, packaging, food carts as a model, and more.

Cory shared this invitation with us: I can be reached at I am a culinary specialist and I am available for no extra fees to all food service operations for all categories for short and long term consultation. My main focus is on Sysco customers but operators can become customers with no minimum order fees and signing up is easy through our on-line shopping platform, SHOP.

To hear Cory discuss his experiences BEFORE the pandemic, click to Episode #196.

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