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Right At The Fork

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Jul 1, 2022

On this holiday weekend, we got back to May of 2021, and our conversation with Michael Gibbons.

Michael Gibbons and his wife own Papa Haydn and Jo Bar, which have been a staples in the Portland Food world since they met each other as employees at Papa Haydn many cakes and drinks ago. Since then, they've largely stepped away from the day to day operations to leave that responsibility in younger, capable hands, including their son Brendan.

We talk to Michael about his trajectory from a kid in LA slinging burgers to Reed College in the 70s to his building of Papa Haydn's bar program as a stop between semesters, which of course turned into the love of his life with the love of his life for years and years. We also talk about service, Portland as a city now and how it may fare coming out of the pandemic. And the Dodgers.

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