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Right At The Fork

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Aug 10, 2016

Host Chris Angelus loves his fish and chips, and has a few faves ranging 330 miles up and down the Pacific Northwest coast from Port Orford, OR to South Bend, WA.  He shares a half dozen,  but recommends three places he deems worthy of a day trip from Portland, for those who travel to eat well. One's a nice restaurant, another a dive, and last but not least, a food truck.

Locations mentioned in this podcast include:

Linda’s  - South Bend, WA
Bowpicker - Astoria, OR
Ecola Seafoods -  Cannon Beach, OR
Old Oregon Smokehouse  - Rockaway, OR
J’s - Lincoln City, OR
Gracie’s Sea Hag - Depoe Bay, OR
Local Ocean Seafoods - Newport, OR
Geno’s Ocean Bleu - Newport, OR
South Beach Fish Market - Newport, OR
LunaSea - Yachats, OR
Crazy Norwegian - Port Orford, OR

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Music: "I Can't Stand the Rain" by Arielle Verinis.
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