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Right At The Fork

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Jan 27, 2016

Mattie John Bamman, Eater PDX's editor-in-chief, discusses the places coming in 2016 that excite him most.  Mattie also blogs at
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Jan 20, 2016

Cana Flug had quite a journey in the Portland restaurant world since her last appearance on Right at the Fork.  Weeks after the show was recorded, Wildwood, one of Portland's best known restaurants, which had touched the careers of many chefs, closed suddenly after lease negotiations failed.   About a year later, Flug's...

Jan 13, 2016

Chef Gregory Gourdet of has rapidly become of one of Portland's most well-known chefs. He had an exciting long run on TV's Top Chef on 2015. Then he was tapped to develop a second Departure in Denver for the Sage Restaurant Group. In this podcast, Gregory talks about his trajectory from Jean-Georges in...

Jan 6, 2016

Kurt Huffman is a home-grown restaurant entrepreneur, who operates some of Portland's best restaurants.  His ChefStable Group is behind successful spots like Ox, Lardo, Grassa, St. Jack, PREAM, Loyal Legion, Oven & Shaker, Hamlet, and now some properties outside of Portland.   Kurt takes about the state of the food biz...