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Right At The Fork

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Dec 2, 2021

Tasia Bernie is passionate about food.  In April, 2021, Tasia realized there was no source to find out which restaurants in Portland were featuring what type of dining--indoor, outdoor, takeout, etc.  So, she added another baby to her responsibilities as a Mom and her personal training and nutrition business, that of a resource for diners to find out information restaurants may not be updating on their websites. 

In the process of building and maintaining FeederPDX, she's met many people in Porltand's food world and experienced quite a few restaurants that have managed to either open during the pandemic, or sustain.   

Tasia joins host Chris Angelus this week to talk about food experiences, what she's liking right now in Portland, and what makes Portland unique.  And what episode of Right at the Fork would be complete if we didn't delve back into embarrassing moments at the dining table?  Listen to find out.

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