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Right At The Fork

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Apr 7, 2023

Gary Okazaki, our most prolific and worldly guest, joins Chris to discuss his recent lists of best cheap dishes in Portland.  You'll definitely hear about some places that will be new to you!  As part of this discussion, we talk about the increasingly expensive cost of entry to eat out these days, and yes, you guessed it, TIPPING!  The topic has been in the national news lately, and while we don't solve anything, Chris was glad to know he's not alone in his personal frustration with encountering tip lines to get a donut.  He's not cheap (full disclosure: he's writing this)--he offers a solution.
Gary also reels off his top 5 pizza spots in PDX.  Not really any surprises there, but most importantly, we think, is that the landmarks still hold up after so many new places have opened over the past 7 or 8 years.
Gary is always a fun conversation and can be found at @GarytheFoodie on Instagram.

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