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Right At The Fork

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Dec 23, 2021

Since we shared Nico's story last week, a lot has changed for Nico and Nico's Ice Cream - after the cargo trailer Nico uses for his business was stolen.

You can help Nico raise funds to replace the trailer via a GoFundMe account here:

Original Post:

Nico Vergara grew up in Northeast Portland, and then set about exploring the world.  His adventures had him picking mangoes to survive in Columbia, in precarious situations with strangers without a dollar in his pocket, but the big eye opener was in New Zealand when he experienced a new kind of ice cream.  And now here he is, back in Northeast Portland, bringing that delight he discovered on the other side of the world to Portlanders.  We talk to Nico about his journeys that led up to his ice cream shop and cart, and what he's experienced since opening.

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