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Right At The Fork

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Sep 17, 2020

Executive Chef Jonathan Gill joins Chris and Cort on the podcast, talking about his journey from a chef on a naval aircraft carrier, to Japan, New York, San Francisco, and eventually Portland, where he was the Executive Chef at RingSide Fish House.  Now as EC for RingSide Steakhouse, Jonathan talks about live in...

Sep 11, 2020

Ahead of Kyo Koo's upcoming appearance on Food Network's Chopped, we look back at our conversation with Kyo from July of 2019.

Kyo Koo is a Portland native, who's influences range from his mother's Korean home cooking, to technique-driven, modern American cooking.

Hear about his journey through culinary school,...

Sep 3, 2020

Greg Higgins is back on the podcast, 4 years after his first visit (be sure to check out Episode #93).  

Greg talks to Chris about his new Piggins food cart, located just around the corner from Higgins. 

Also - check out Greg's letter to Higgins friends and patrons here.

This episode of Right at the Fork is sponsored...

Aug 28, 2020

A lot has changed for Ken Forkish since we spoke to him in August of 2016.  Here's a look back at the conversation.

When Ken Forkish decided he wanted to become a baker, he became one of the best there is. Now Portlanders not only flock to Ken's Artisan Bakery, Ken's Artisan Pizza, Trifecta and his latest, Trifecta...

Aug 20, 2020

A look back at a conversation with Ryley Eckerlsey of Quaintrelle from August 2018.

Ryley Eckersley has worked in restaurants all over the world.  From Belize to Barcelona and nearly everything in between.  On this episode of Right at the Fork, Ryley tells Chris and Cort about his upbringing in London, his time spent...