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Right At The Fork

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Nov 19, 2020

Siobhan Speirits joins us on the podcast to talk about the home-based, delivering bakery,  Saint Frances PDX (, she happened to fire up in the face of the pandemic that cast its spell upon our food world.  Siobhan grew up in Austin, Texas via Scotland.  She spent some time at the CIA and New York City to hone her kitchen skills before moving to Portland with her partner and landing at Coquine. In this conversation, she steadfastly praises Katy Millard in appreciation of her time in the Coquine kitchen.  Siobhan also shares some of the places she and her partner have appreciated in Portland, including Jo-Jo's food cart and the pop-up pizza spot at Dame, NoSaints.
Chris marvels at how Siobhan can turn her Scottish accent on and off at will, and how she uses accents to adapt to various situations.  In Paris, her strategy didn't work out so well.
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