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Right At The Fork

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Mar 11, 2021

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We celebrate International Women's Month in fine style with a literal international visit to the Gascony Region in France with Kate Hill, who runs a wonderful cooking school known around the world, Kitchen at Camont.  We find out how Kate made her way from San Francisco to Amsterdam and then to France, where she fell in love with all things local around the sweet little town of Agen.  Chris recalls his visit there a few years ago, where Kate kindly showed Chris and his son around Agen and environs, and hosted a beautiful, simple chicken dinner in her intimate, lovely dining room.  
Kate talks about how the pandemic forced her to realize a vision she's had for quite some time, to take her cooking classes and demonstrations online.  She now features a Gascon Year Membership whereby passionate cooks of all levels can enjoy an interactive relationship with Kate throughout the year. That can be found at   Also, follow Kate at @katedecamont on Instagram.
This is our first international episode and we think you'll love Kate.