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Right At The Fork

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Oct 28, 2021

Upon seeing Thubten Comerford's Facebook post showing him sending off his first shipment of his Buckman Brines product, host Chris Angelus asked Thubten if he'd like to be a guest on our show.  As it turns out, the first shipment of his top quality pickles was going to Southern California, where Thubten grew up.  Some of the things we learn about Thubten in this podcast are that his childhood friends in Malibu are now A-list celebrities, Thubten served in the military, which we discuss in the context of being a gay man escaping the discomfort of his early home life.  
We'll talk about the difference between "vegan" and "plant-based" as well as how Thubten's shift to a 99.97% (he calculated this!) plant-based life has helped him become healthier, and how he still enjoys some meat or cheese here and there when the situation calls for it.  Thubten had all the ingredients put together for a plant-based TV chef show.  We'll hear about the format, and why that hasn't happened... yet!
Thubten also shares some of his impressions of Portland and how he got here, along with some of his favorite plant-based restaurants in Portland.  This is a fun interview you'll want to listen to before checking out

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