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Right At The Fork

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Aug 19, 2022

We spend an hour with Aundre Barnes, who has been serving diners at Portland's Urdaneta for the past 7 years.  Aundre is a native Portlander and has seen many changes over his years here.  He's worked in banking and in voice-over work along the way. 
He shares with us some of the reasons for his passion and his love of the industry, which run from the soulful experience of gaining first-hand knowledge of Spanish cuisine during Urdaneta's company field trips in addition to his admiration for Chef Javier Canteras, whose Basque roots shine through in his unique cuisine.  Aundre will share some of his favorite Portland haunts, as well as some of his favorite travel destinations.
Disclosure:  Right at the Fork host Chris Angelus is associated with Urdaneta and Aundre with his trips to Basque Country offered through Portland Food Adventures.

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